Why not let Astrology help you find the ideal gift item for a friend or family member? Too often people give the wrong gift. They frequently buy something they really want for themselves. The trick to clever gift giving is to know the receiver well. Read below. Before buying any old thing you might secretly desire, become aware of who your giftees really are, what they like to do, how they like to smell or feel or what they might want to wear.  

Here Are Suzanne White's Helpful Hints

For the Western Astrology Signs

(Check out Birth Dates Before Shopping)

March 21 to April 20 "The very essence of Aries is vigor. They are born dynamic and spend their lives demonstrating a titanic ability to accomplish both manual and creative tasks in a trice." The Aries on your list might enjoy getting a hobby kit, a power tool, a spiffy pair of hiking boots or... if you are not yet stricken with poverty syndrome - a Porsche! (fire engine red please)

April 21 to May 21 "Taurus feels most at home in the peace and tranquility of a deep armchair, plunked down in the middle of a forest clearing where nothing is heard but birdsong and the occasional soft popping sound of a tree branch growing new buds" A Taurus would surely love to be given a soft, authentic woolen blanket, a CD of a favorite opera , a home gardening kit or - if you're feeling flush - an old stone house in remotest countryside surrounded by dense forest. (Large kitchen please)

May 22 to June 21."The Gemini mind (and silver tongue) is everywhere at once.Geminis like to communicate, show off and act in plays. They are peculiarly diverse, multi-faceted and garrulous.Your Gemini could be in need of a Personal Organizer or (if you happen to be a lucky Gemini's rich uncle Louie) a personalized Karaoke singing machine with IPod docking to while away those empty hours when nobody else wants to listen.

June 22 to July 23"Cancers attach great importance to the past. Genealogy fascinates them. They find ancient monuments soothing. They are awash in collectors' items." Try locating their family shield and have it made into a poster, orre-touch old family pictures. or ( if you're feeling flush) splurge and offer your Cancer friend or family member a month-long European tour of ancient monuments. (Don't forget to throw in the newest digital camera.)

July 24 to August 22. - "No Leo ever goes placidly un-noticed. Wherever a Leo lives, works or interacts, there is always instant, visible evidence of his or her personality. Leos put their stamp on everything they touch." This person would probably enjoy a vanity license plate, a monogrammed Go-cup for coffee in the car or (for the affluent gift giver ) a palazzo in Venice decorated with muchissimoapparent gold sconces and a gushing fountain or two. (budget permitting... throw in a fetching Comtessa or a dashing Marquis for company)

August 23 to September 22. "Most Virgos are methodical and analytical. They do their jobs well and take direction seriously. They love to learn and suss out new ways of performing routine tasks." A Virgo may really get some fun out of a 2009 date book (providing they didn't already buy one months ago), a book on herbal remedies or (why not?) a slew of computer components which come in many different impenetrable plastic containers and take at least 6 months to figure out before assembling?

September 23 to October 22. "Librans deserve their reputation for harmony, diplomacy and balance. But don't think that said balance comes easily to this species. Librans spend tons of mental energy ironing out conflicts and fending off dissension." Help a Libra find true repose with some exotic bubble baths, sumptuous essential oils or scented creams and aroma therapy candles. For the really lush Libra on your list, go all out! Buy your luxury-loving Libra a set of satin sheets with their name embroidered along the top in French or better still splurge on a spa weekend-for-two complete with seminars on international diplomacy.

October 23 to November 22. "Scorpios intuit things with a unique intensity and cannot let go of their perpetual probing of people, ideas and even their most nightmarish anxieties until they have reached into every sticky cranny and ferreted out what they need to know." A subscription to a few favorite intellectual magazines may quench that Scorpionic thirst for knowledge. Better yet, order up some Astrology books. Or... if you really want to push your Scorpio's secret pleasure buttons, buy him or her a clapped out Land Rover and send them off to the Amazon to rustle up some medicinal mushrooms.

November 23 to December 21. "Sagittarians don't DO anything. They overdo everything.They are always on the go. Never try to hold a Sagittarius back or in any way hinder his freedom of movement." Try a fancy hand-held GPS or a world watch/clock so your Sadge can keep an eye on the time in remotest Cambodia or Turzekistan. Or... for a really off-the-wall gift for a roaming Sagittarius, find him or her a year's home exchange in North Korea or better yet - a family stay with the FARCS in rural Colombia.

December 22 to January 20. "Capricorns view life as a full time 24/7 challenge. They are ambitious for achievement (but not necessarily for gain) in the areas where they themselves choose to excel They, moreover, love to eat gourmet foods."Capricorns may appreciate a Kitchenware store gift certificate or a DVD about the untrammeled churches of darkest Italy; but they will far and away prefer the gift of a all expenses paid month in Paris expressly for eating purposes. (Throw in a few gourmet cooking classes with a 3-star chef and you will have made a smash hit! )

January 21 to February 19 "Aquarians are anything but ordinary. Au contraire. Aquarians are atypical. They often care deeply about the welfare of humanity, the future of outer space and can't be bothered about family." Try making a donation to their favorite charity in their name, or buy an African village the gift of a truckload of flapping chickens and sign their name on each one. Better still, buy your Aquarius a year of weekend seminars about how to capture lightning bug energy and convert it to electricity to power eco-friendly cars.

February 20 to March 20. "Pisceans are artists and dreamers. Music and painting, sculpture, ceramics and film making, theater, dance and design are the natural bailiwick of Pisces folks." Here's your chance to buy some clunky handmade jewelry, some framed posters of modern paintings and/or some far out abstract music CD's that you order direct from the musicians who live in China. (Make sure the songs are all sung in Mandarin.) For those of you with means this year, don't hesitate to get a Pisces a dream machine. Trust me, it has been his or her lifelong desire to record the zany, weird stories that their subconscious concocts while they're asleep.

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