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One of my sisters recently complained that I was full of contradictions. She could be right. I can be sarcastic, uncaring and selfish in one situation and have infinite patience, support and understanding in another. My sister is constantly baffled by me and does not know what to expect from one day to the next. Are there hints to how I will act on any given day? Hints of when my “supportive” side is going to be on tap so she knows when to call?

A few days later I got curious about what she been complaining of; so I sat down with my copy of Suzanne White’s New Chinese Astrology again (for fun). And was amazed all over again by what I read.

Here is a SMALL sample of the amazing insight I received from The New Chinese Astrology for my sign: The Dog

…Because of this streak of altruism, these devoted creatures spend much of their time either attempting to do something about injustice or railing because so little can be done.

Suzanne is right. I am always on the side of the “little guy”. I truly believe in integration for all in communities and have spent years talking to businesses about the benefits of hiring a person with a disability. I see the lack of active involvement as an injustice to both the people with disabilities and the communities that could be benefiting from them. I am so enthusiastic about this subject that I worked for approximately 10 yrs for social services. But eventually I quite as I did not feel the government services placed their clients' needs in the forefront. I could easily start “railing” about it…but I won’t. I have infinite patience, support and understanding in situations when people need help to have their voices heard. I suppose I am a bit of a "cause" person. I know that my "railings" annoyed my uppity bosses no end.

Providing she finds the right ambience to work in where she feels unencumbered by arrogant superiors and can set the parameters herself and make schedules her way, the Dog woman could rebuild a war-tom country in about half an hour. Once she sets about a task, she simply stays there until it's done.

I had left my job in social services not only because I disagreed with the philosophy of the agency. I also quit because I honestly could not stand the arrogance of my supervisors. If something needed to be done, you had to jump through at least a dozen hoops!

Step one - there would be a simple problem. A meeting would be set to set up a committee to address the problem. The committee would meet to “define their goals”. They would assign smaller committees to address each part of the goal. The goals of course were to solve the problem (remember step 1?). But the problem had by now gotten lost. So they set up another meeting for drafting a plan of action. Get my point?

Well, I quit 10 yrs ago and I hear they are still holding meetings over the same problems. Ok I will not rant anymore about self important meetings! But, Suzanne White hit the nail right on the head! Now that I am self employed it is so much easier to accomplish any goal I set. I never hold any meetings about meetings!

The Spartan-minded Dog hardly ever pampers himself or indulges in self-improvement plans…

I rarely even wear make-up. I find it takes too much time to put it on. Then, the make-up just ends up melting off my face anyways! I can’t pamper myself. It seems a waste of important resources and time (I think it’s been 6 months since I had a hair cut, and a year before that!). My hair is long and curly. It doesn’t behave, so why spend time trying to make it do what it doesn’t want to do naturally? It was nice to learn that my not fussing with my hair is NOT because I’m too lazy! I am a Dog woman. Dog woman don't bother with extraneous frills. I knew that. But when I re-read it, I was relieved. I am anything but LAZY!!!

Sensitive and touchy they may be, but they simply aren't able to edit their own words before they let them fly.

I always say what pops into my head, the second it does. My remarks are not always well received. I can sometimes even shock myself! “Why on earth did I just say that? It was way too sarcastic. Even for me!”

…may live at home until age thirty.

This point I found very funny! At age 30 my parents came to me and said “We have sold the house. It’s time for you to find your own place. You have 2 weeks.” In fact it’s a big family joke on me. The parents moved into a condo that had NO extra room for me! I felt secure living with my parents. Security is important to us Dogs. But they did me a favor by pushing me out of the nest. Now I am a homeowner. Thanks Mom and Dad.

If money is there he will know how to use it wisely, buying only the best merchandise, eating in the finest restaurants and wearing top quality, long-lasting clothes. If he hasn't any money, the Metal Dog can always find a way to live comfortably in a civilized manner. He may be sociable but he doesn't care a whit for what others think of him or the state of his front lawn.

I am a metal Dog. This last point doesn’t need any explanation for me. It is once again - dead on! Okay. My grass does need a cut. Fallen tree branches do need to be picked up. Maybe a few flowers planted…but I’ll do that when I have time and when I feel like it. NOT when the neighbors' sneak plants onto my front stoop or offer me clippings of some bush or another! I do not however complain at all when the same neighbor plows the snow from our sidewalk. I do live in Canada, after all. And I have all my marbles.

Next time my sister wonders why I seem full of contradictions, I’ll just hand her a copy of The New Chinese Astrology and tell her to read about Dogs.

She's a noisy Dragon. I will suggest she have a look at the chapter on Dragons. Maybe she’ll learn a little something about herself too!

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